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The Creole Jazz Orchestra Tribal Disorder Music Artist.jpg

The Creole Jazz Orchestra was founded by Joël Dobat & Pierre Chabrèle . The orchestra is made up of musicians and composers from different horizons including Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad, South Africa, Mali, and Senegal. They see themselves as the descendants of those great Creole musicians who were there at the birth of Jazz.


The Creole Jazz Orchestra continues a tradition where jazz remains above all a pretext for dance. The repertoire of the orchestra is composed of melodies representative of the Creole world,from New Orleans to St Denis de la Reunion through the Caribbean and South America. The musicians of the group, like the repertoire, are a mix of creoles from Martinique, Guadeloupe, USA, South Africa who wish to offer a prestigious Grand Orchestra in the service of a festive music that remains to be discovered. Here, it is question of meeting with the musicality, where the notes and the rhythms seek again and again the best way of spinning and where the Brazilian sounds in the sweet voice of the singer enrapture us.11 musicians on stage directed by Joël Dobat, Pierre Chabrèle and Sulaiman Hakim form a band that is becoming one of the major jazz bands. The insidious groove united to the existential quest of a Sonny Rollins tutelage the tops alongside a Miles Davis, period 60's. 

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