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Reginald Litman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on March 6, 1959. Living only a couple of houses from Bootsy Collins of the P­-Funk All-Stars (Funkadelic), where he was introduced to the musical music, stage settings, various instruments, rehearsing, etc.) at an early age. Learning to appreciate funk as well as live music, Reggie gained an interest in music and begin playing the trumpet in 1973. Reggie graduated from Aiken Senior High School, Cincinnati, Ohio in 1977 and participated in the music department, where his interest and love for music expanded. He was awarded numerous scholarships as to attend Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida. At FAMU, Reggie majored in Music (maintaining a 3.5 G.P.A.) and was a member as well as a section leader of the Florida A & M University Internationally Renowned Marching "100 "band; As a member and section leader of the Marching "100", he played the baritone horn and other instruments. The Marching "100" has performed numerous halftime pageants, appeared in commercials, magazine and newspaper articles, 60 Minutes, 20/20.


After receiving a B.S. Degree in Instrumental Music and Education Psychology, Reggie continued musical career by managing and directing the band "Style" which was composed of members of the FAMU Marching Band. From 1979­-1988, Style Band performed at many concerts, nightclubs, benefits and contests throughout the surrounding states, including a local radio station (WANM) annual Christmas Ball. Style Band also won the "Budweiser Song Writing" contest in 1981 and was runner­-up in 1982. Reggie continued to increase his knowledge in all aspects of music, focusing on R&B, rap, screen write and commercial orchestrations. Investing in studio equipment and instruments, he became very knowledgeable of current producing and writing techniques. In 1985, as a Studio Musician and Writer for a production company, he produced and arranged musical scores; programmed synthesizers and audio mixes; directed vocals and studio musicians; engineered recordings.


Reggie's most valued accomplishments are: traveled with the world famous Whitney Houston, programming keyboards; wrote a song on "Virtual Blues Album (Summer Rain); opened for the Joe Torry Show; arranged instrumental compositions for solo horns; received music and academic scholarships; and at weddings and fashion shows. As a FAMU band member and leader, he played in joint concerts with the Navy, Army & Air Force bands at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC and with the Jazz Great, Mr. Lionel performed in many professional football half­-time pageants; arranged songs for FAMU Marching band and composed and arranged solo material for solo and band instruments; also performed in 50 collegiate half-time pageants.

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