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Dr. Longineu Parsons’ newest album, “Work Song – 25th Anniversary Edition,” is co-produced by Nat Adderley and features performances by Adderley and the legendary Sam Rivers.


"Those of us who follow jazz very closely are amazed at the number of young players with passionate sound or with amazing technical facility who continue to appear on the music scene.  It does not take long however, for those players to find that sound and/or technique is not nearly enough.  Upon occasion we do find a Longineu Parsons, who mixes a unique sound, fabulous technique and an unusual maturity which places him in a unique position.


I have listened to Longineu for more than twenty years and I’ve seen him survive while continuing to grow professionally with consistency all the time.  He never allows his knowledge of his instrument – the trumpet – to interfere with his commitment to creativity and plain old swing.  His influences obviously begin with Louis Armstrong and extend to the present day players.


Not only does Longineu utilize his appreciation of great past players with devices of his own but, he also masters the recorder, an instrument not normally associated with jazz.  Percussion instruments are also within the musical realm of this talented artist.


I suggest you listen closely to Longineu – my personal favorite unsung artist."


Nat Adderley

Work Song - 25th Anniversary Edition

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