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Bassist, composer, songwriter PHIL MORRISON uses his international travels and experiences to influence his music!

Having traveled to Brazil many times while working with singer/pianist Freddy Cole(youngest brother of Nat King Cole)...Japan, China and most of Europe while working with Blues great T-Bone Walker(writer of Stormy Monday Blues), he acquired a great appreciation for those cultures and their music.  Phil co-wrote an official song for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, performed with Dizzy Gillespie and the electric/jazz group Stark Reality(pop group Black Eyed Peas sampled Phil's bassline from this group's recording).  Phil is a Boston native and while there performed in the group of the great saxophonist/composer Sam Rivers

with pianist Hal Galper and drummer of Miles Davis fame, Tony Williams!  


As a composer/songwriter, many of his songs honor notables such as Nelson Mandela, MLK Jr, Maya Angelou, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Horace Silver etc. Social issues such as racial justice, religious tolerance and human rights are some of the themes that inspire much of the Phil Morrison Songbook.  In addition to musical tributes, you will find the blues, love songs, bebop and bossas....vocals and instrumentals including a poignant Phil Morrison composition performed by the Honduras National Symphony Orchestra.  The links below represent some of 

the extensive material created by Phil Morrison!


Musical Tributes to:  Maya Angelou, Miles 

Davis, MLK Jr, Nelson Mandela, Nat King Cole, Michael Jordan, Dizzy Gillespie.

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